New Invention Participation

The Startups UnLimiteD TV reality show is providing a very special innovative round for Genius Minds, The round will showcase creative intelligence.

The Startups UnLimiteD is designed to empower the Entrepreneurs to bring new technology and innovative thoughts to market wherever they choose to build their business. The Startups UnLimiteD reality show is scheduled to telecast in leading satellite television channel TV5 News from Dassera 2018 onwards.

The objective of this ‘Startups UnLimiteD’ television reality show is to encourage entrepreneurship in India and educate the aspirants on market trends, investment opportunities, government support / government schemes, designing a business structure, branding & market strategies, Entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges & Risk Management etc.

The Genius Minds invention round will showcase innovative thoughts, new inventions, creative or competitive product / services, Engineering innovations, Institution/College Business Project to the world.

This slot is restricted to the College/Institutional/Student community/aspirant freelance team or Business Organization developed new inventions or creative thoughts that are looking investment / technical support from the Government/Corporate/Banking etc.

Ex: XYZ invented a Tree climbing machine / Solar Airplane / Honey forming machine

For more information please call on 0 733 755 6141.